8 Food That Isn’t Worth Eating

Each of us starts the new year with good and inspiring resolutions. One of those resolutions is to keep fit with good physical and psychological. But to achieve this goal we need a healthy diet and it should be noted that all foods may look healthy but in reality, they might not be healthy.

Many of these foods contain sugar, fat, carbohydrates and a lot of hidden extras so let us take a brief look at these foods and be more cautious in their use.

8 Food That Doesn't Worth Eating

Flavored yoghurt

Yoghurt is considered healthy and a very useful food for the digestive system, but it should be noted that its  “Flavouring” is high in sugar.

Protein Supplements

According to some experts, the use of Protein Bar or supplements for ordinary people is not recommended because even it is advised to the athletes to use protein supplements with great cautious as it is rich in calories, sugar and fat.

Canned foods

Canned foods probably look healthy and economically, including soups, however, prepared soups contain a lot of preservatives and salt and thus it lower nutritional value.

Frozen foods

Frozen foods may be is effective in terms of time and money, but in terms of health, salt and preservatives they are harmful.

Fruit juices

Many juice companies claim to produce natural, healthy and pure fruit juices. Perhaps this claim is correct, but often their fruit juices are rich in sugar and preservatives juice industry and for people aiming to lose weight will not be a good choice.

Low-calorie snacks

Low-calorie snacks and yet delicious, like cakes and biscuits, sweets and chocolate which the producer claims is low in calories.It might be far-fetched, but this claim is true, because of the size and calories (using artificial sweeteners) they might look healthy but they have become harmful to health.

Veggie burgers

Perhaps you think veggie burgers are low in calories, but by looking at the food label and comparing them with other burgers you would realise that they both have got the same level of calories.

Sparkling water

Drinking sparkling water can be harmful to health as they contain artificial sweeteners and are carbonated, so we advise you should drink normal water instead.

Drink sparkling water is not recommended to people who have digestive problems, ulcers and gastritis and heartburn because carbonated drinks irritate the stomach and its compounds. Although carbonated water is recommended to quench thirst but is often dentists sais ental acidity are caused by carbonated water and they asked their patients to avoid drinking it. Carbonated water or sparkling water is also harmful for children under five years.



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8 Food That Isn’t Worth Eating

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